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We Facilitate Shipping from Canada To Cameroon

Bnlexpress Logistics offers shipping from Canada to Cameroon at a discount.At Bnlexpress Logistics we ensure your recipients receive goods as promised and in the exact condition you brought it to our office/warehouses.

We are always on time

Our Sea shipping services provide alternative and affordable freight forwarding of large cargo and containerized goods to Cameroon. As an international logistics provider, our sea freight shipping offers port-to-port and door-to-door services.

We are shipping equipment, machinery, raw materials, and general goods to Cameroon. 

What We Offer

Pick-Up Service

We handle pick up for our customers residing in Canada. Anywhere you are in Canada, you can mail your packages to us or have us pick up your shipment for onward shipping to Cameroon.

Ocean Shipping

With up to three (3) containers leaving our Canada warehouse every two weeks, you are guaranteed delivery of your packages in 6 to 8 weeks in Cameroon.

Auto/Car Shipping

Car shipping at very affordable rates via secured container shipping. You can trust us to pamper your cars, there will be no scratch, dent or damage and in 6 to 8 weeks it will be in Cameroon.

Customs Clearing

Your recipients are not left to go handle the clearing of your items, we offer an all-in-one shipping service, from picking up, shipping, clearing at the port up to delivery in Cameroon.

Door to Door Delivery

No one covers Cameroon like we do. We ship to any location across Cameroon. So, if you need to send items to your family/partners in the North, East, West or South, we’ve got your covered.We got you covered at little or no cost payment


Oversized cargo or bulky items, our trucking service will have them delivered to you, like we promised you from your manufacturers warehouse in Canada down to your doorstop wherever you are in Cameroon.

Customs Clearing

We bridge the gap between you and your favourite brands in Canada. Because of our procurement specialist you can get whatever you need and when you want it from the comfort of your home. No card limit, no location barriers

Air shipping

Enjoy faster delivery and affordable shipping cost with any of our four shipping methods. Basic, standard, express and priority shipping. Now flexible to meet your budget and delivery time.

Delivering your freight savely from Canada to Cameroon is our goal

bnlexpress logistics provides safe, efficient, and reliable marine logistics, transportation, and infrastructure solutions, including port and terminal services, bulk ocean transportation, and vessel management. We are dedicated to safety while delivering the best results to our customers

Reasons For People Choosing Us

We also offer ocean freight service that enables companies to ship all sizes of items from a single pallet to large and oversized machinery, trucks, tractors and oversized equipment. It is cost-effective and designed to meet your company’s unique needs at any time. Your shipment can be transported via Full container load (FCL), Less than container load (LCL) or Non-containerized load (NCL).

Customers especially business owners who are into imports and export are plagued with the problem of a faster, more reliable, affordable and efficient clearing agent. Bnlexpress Logistics is very much aware that there nothing is more important to an importer & exporter than a faster, and more cost-effective clearing process handled by an experienced clearing agent in order to get your items out from the ports before demurrage starts accruing.  We have a broad understanding of regulations and procedures related to customs and ports clearance, air clearance, as well as ocean clearance, providing custom clearing services that support a variety of client’s needs. We ensure a smooth and efficient clearance processes. Best of all, our professionally trained expertise allows our customers enjoy peace of mind and focus on their core business, as we clear & deliver their consignment to their preferred destination while handling every necessary air clearance, ocean clearance & customs clearance process.


We improve profitability for customers by allowing them to focus on their core competencies while we manage their logistics, providing LTL, truckload and intermodal brokerage services.


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Chief Operation Ofiicer

Njuh Fabrice

Warehousing Officer

Ngogang Philip

Delivery Officer



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