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8 Types de Logistiques

1. Logistique du Transport Le transport de marchandises sur les routes à l’aide de camions, de fourgonnettes ou d’autres véhicules est appelé transport routier. Il est populaire et polyvalent pour le transport de courtes à moyennes distances. 2. Logistique des Entrepôts 3. Logistique de la chaîne d’approvisionnement 4. Logistique de la Demande 5. La Logistique …

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8 Types of Logistics

Transporting goods on roadways using trucks, vans, or other vehicles is known as road transportation. It is popular and versatile for short- to medium-distance transportation. 2. Logistics of Warehouses 3. Logistics of Supply Chain 4. Logistics of Demand 5. Logistics in Reverse 6. Humanitarian Relief Logistics 7. Logistics for E-Commerce 8. Logistics of Cold Chain

Who are We?

BnL Express Logistics is a sub-company under Groupe Bentley,  Founded by Mr Njei Bentley in 2019 & driven by the 21st century global economic practices, Groupe Bentley was nursed out of the ambition to provide basic solutions to businesses and individuals worldwide by breaking international barriers. BnL’s main priority is importing items from Canada to …

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